What are the Courses in Pranic Healing®?

Pranic Healing® aims to improve the quality of our every day lives through the path of healing, spirituality and abundance. The Basic Pranic Healing, Level 1 Course is the foundation to learn other areas. The Basic Pranic Healing, Level 1 Course provides techniques to balance and harmonize the energetic body to help the physical body accelerate in its healing. The prerequisite to all other Higher Courses is the Basic Pranic Healing, Level 1 Course - taught by Instructors from Atlanta Pranic Healing Center, LLC

Higher Courses of Pranic Healing

Other Pranic Healing Higher Courses are taught by various Licensed Instructors, including Masters of Pranic Healing. Which path interests you? Path to Healing? Path to Spirituality? Path to Abundance? All? Learn more about upcoming courses schedule or click on the classes below (scroll down). Please feel free to contact us if you would like to learn more.