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The Yoga of Synthesis 

"Arhatic Yoga? Do I need to be flexible?" This kind of "yoga" is probably very different from what you may be thinking of.  

Arhatic Yoga is an advanced comprehensive system for spiritual development. The purpose of Arhatic Yoga is to produce intelligent, compassionate, good-hearted and powerful people who may be of greater service to humanity and Planet Earth. "Arhatic" is derived from "arhat," describing a highly evolved being or what we call saint and "yoga" which means union. It is based on the synthesis of various yogic techniques with a strong emphasis on character building. It embodies the 7 yogas: Raja yoga, Karma yoga, Laya/Kundalini yoga, Jnana yoga, Bhakti yoga, Mantra yoga and simplified Hatha yoga. 

Arhatic Yoga is universal and does not belong to any religion, sect or nation. The aim of the modern Arhatic Yoga is to enable people with various religious backgrounds and beliefs to access the inner teachings, kept secret for centuries. It has been designed to make it possible to pursue the spiritual path while living a “normal life,” having a job, a family and hobbies. It's like a modern lifestyle of spirituality - meaning that by practicing Arhatic Yoga you don't need not to abandon your normal life, career and relationships to develop spiritually. 

The Arhatic Meditations are designed to create a balanced development. Through regular practice, the aspects of Will (Sat), Intelligence (Chits) and Love (Ananda) are strengthened in the practitioner. The Arhatic Yoga Preparatory workshop is the foundation for building the much-coveted “Golden Body” in the higher levels of Arhatic Yoga.

Course Fee & Schedule

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Spirituality is a way of Life. It is not just doing meditation.
— MCKS Golden Lotus Sutra on Spiritual Practice, Creative Transformation
There are several spiritual or yogic systems of activating the chakras and awakening the kundalini. Arhatic Meditation is one of the systems that systematically, safely and rapidly activates the chakras and awakens the kundalini.