The mission of Atlanta Pranic Healing Center, LLC (APHC) is to provide tools to enhance the quality of life through Pranic Healing, meditation, service and education for individuals, families and communities. Our vision is “A Better Me, A Better Family, A Better World.” We believe that inner healing brings joy, peace and illumination.  This transformation radiates within us, positively affecting those around us. Let us transform and heal together. Join us in the path of healing, spirituality and abundance. 

We host Meditation on Twin Hearts and Free Pranic Healing Clinics throughout the Metro Atlanta area. This is a great way to recharge, gain clarity, feel peace, bless our loved ones and bless the world we live in. This is also a wonderful time for Pranic Healers to do service in the community by healing and also advancing and cultivating their Pranic Healing skills with our wonderful mentors.

For Arhatic Yoga Practitioners, we host multiple days in the week to help support your practice.  For more information on how to become an Arhatic Yoga Practitioner, please feel free to contact Judy Yi.

Pranic Healing is a form of energy healing that helps balance the body to increase healing and peace. We have a holistic and comprehensive approach for healing. Pranic Healing does not replace orthodox medicine but rather complements it.

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