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Hello! I look forward to talking with you to assist in your path of healing, spirituality and abundance.

Healing happens in many layers and I approach each session to tailor your specific needs. 

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Heal | Love | Nurture

Experienced healing in the following: 

cancer, anxiety, stress, depression, fear, phobias, trauma, smoking addiction, drug & alcohol addictions, food addictions, skin disorders, colitis, relationships, finances, children and adults with energetic sensitivities, vision, hearing, migraines, fractures, obsessive compulsive disorders, injuries, and more.

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Private Healing Sessions with JUDY - How does it work? 

Regular Sessions: 1 hour  

1) Intake/Feedback (5-10 minutes)

2) Healing session (45-50 minutes)

3) Debrief/Feedback (5-10 minutes)

Mini Sessions: 30 minutes

1) Intake/Feedback (3-5 minutes)

2) Healing session (20 - 24 minutes)

3) Debrief/Feedback (3-5 minutes)

Types of Healing & Consultation Available

  • Pranic Healing for Individual, Couples, Groups, Pets & Pet lovers

  • Pranic Healing for homes and businesses

  • Spiritual Business Management Consultation

Judy has been a blessing to our family! She is a wonderful healer. Kind, loving and professional. My dog, Maestro has had lower back issues for six years. He had started to develop a curvature in his spine and anytime someone would try to touch him, he would shy away due to the amount of pain he was in. We’ve tried other pain medicines and steroids but they never solved the issue. We also tried acupuncture but it was not a comfortable experience for him. Since Judy has been healing him with Pranic healing, his spine has straightened out and he is happy to let people touch him and pet him. He is a much happier dog, in fact, he plays as if he was a puppy again.

A couple of months ago, my other dog, Mandolin, suddenly got sick and had to have emergency surgery. Judy was able to assist with her recovery with Pranic Healing before and after the surgery. Mandolin is back to normal!

I, highly recommend Judy to others who have four legged family members. She is able to connect with the animal and provide them with a wonderful healing!
— Uni Smith
After a healing with Judy, I truly feel the beauty within myself radiating. Her loving and caring spirit gives me a safe place to break through my emotional pain to find peace.
— Kim, MD
Judy helped me during a time of crisis by continuing on contact, despite any blockages that I was currently undergoing. Her recommendations are also holistic in nature, so that anyone can start healing today.
— Matthew, Atlanta, GA
I didn’t know that energy healing was capable of going so deep until I met Judy. Anxieties, fears, guilt, worry, tension have disappeared from my life. Judy has become a regular part of my practice of staying in a healthy mind and body. She has also helped my immediate family and extended family with an array of physical and emotional issues. The results have been nothing less than miraculous!
— Anonymous
So skeptical at first, in awe on how it worked so well.
— Anthony, Atlanta, GA
There were so many times when I just said “ENOUGH~!” during the last few years - enough of physical pains, enough of mental stress, enough of work overload and most of all enough of financial crisis. I was not able to eat or sleep well. Over the last few years slowly and critically, I lost balance in my life… I started the healing sessions a few months ago with Judy Yi and there have been some changes in my life… I look forward so much to my next session. It is like my energy re-charging time for me. Energy healing helped not just my physical body but also my mental body to be stronger and less stressful. Pranic Healing taught me the importance of energy and will power. Through Pranic Healing I am re-finding the BALANCE in my life.
— Jin, Seoul, Korea