Healing for 4-Legged Family Members

Judy has been a blessing to our family!  She is a wonderful healer.  Kind, loving and professional.  My dog, Maestro has had lower back issues for six years.  He had started to develop a curvature in his spine and anytime someone would try to touch him, he would shy away due to the amount of pain he was in.  We’ve tried other pain medicines and steroids but they never solved the issue.  We also tried acupuncture but it was not a comfortable experience for him.  Since Judy has been healing him with Pranic healing, his spine has straightened out and he is happy to let people touch him and pet him.  He is a much happier dog, in fact, he plays as if he was a puppy again.
A couple of months ago, my other dog, Mandolin, suddenly got sick and had to have emergency surgery. 

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