What is Love - by Lorah Tout

Love is the breath that breathes life into your very being
Love is the flicker of light on your darkest nights
Love comes at a time you have no expectations left of feeling anything anymore, then look into Master's eyes for the first time and understanding dawns at your core

Love wraps you in its Grace
It burns you with its firey enchantment
Love is unconditional, it is blind
It is giving all you have to others in need but remembering to receive from others what they would offer you in return

What is Love? For many, many years I lived in darkness and could not have answered this
Now I understand love is a feeling of warmth and safety in your parents arms
Love is your first kiss
It is holding your child in your arms for the first time
Love is the smell of puppy breath on your cheek
Love is the moment you look into the eyes of your one true mate

Love is accepting others as they are with no expectations of changing them but instead loving them for who they are
Love is having the courage to walk away because you know it's right even when everything inside is telling you to stay

Love is feeling the connection of your soul to every living being no matter who or what it is or how they treat you

Love is the warmth that spreads through your veins, through your energy channels, to your very essence, filling you with unimaginable desire to serve others before yourself.

Love is the essence of joy, peace, sadness, calm, connection-

Love is everything, love is nothing, love is life