Allowed Me to Reach New Levels of Gratitude

“I moved to Atlanta 3 months ago from Philadelphia. I only knew my roommates so it was a big leap of faith knowing very few people in the area. The first event I attended through my meetups app was the Twin Hearts Meditation. I instantly felt connected to this new group of people and have returned whenever possible. The meditations themselves have allowed me to reach new levels of gratitude for every aspect of my life within myself, raised my own awareness of emotions and imbalances when they occur and have heightened all of my physical senses as well as opened my mind to different energetic healing practices. But the even bigger benefit that these meditations have brought to my life is the sense of connection and comfort with the group of people that I am meditating with. Judy and Christian who are two of the most open, accepting and non-judgmental human beings that I have ever had the pleasure of knowing. I would and do recommend all of my friends to take part in the twin hearts meditations!”

— Ayesha Qahash, Avondale Estates, Georgia, Actress