Finding BALANCE in My Life

There were so many times when I just said "ENOUGH~!" during the last few years - enough of physical pains, enough of mental stress, enough of work overload and most of all enough of financial crisis. I was not able to eat or sleep well. Over the last few years slowly and critically, I lost balance in my life.

My life was tilted to one side and it seemed that everything that I worked and hoped for was sliding down lower and lower into a dark pit. If I tried to escape, I felt I was sucked right back into the pit even deeper than before. I suffered with stress, depression, physical pain and not wanting to do much. I lost the interest and will power to move on and tilt the scale for the better. No energy to even hope for the better.

That's when one of my old friends reached out and introduced Pranic Healing to me. I started the healing sessions a few months ago with Judy Yi and there have been some changes in my life. I did not know anything about Pranic Healing - what it is, how it works or what kind of effect it will bring. I still do not know very much about Pranic Healing but I do know what it has done for me.

I did not know what to expect from the sessions. During the first session, I was full of curiosity, doubt, wondering what is going on and what is happening. Also sitting still for an hour was hard for me. While Judy was working on me and healing me, I was wandering around in my mind, not feeling nor understanding anything. But towards the end of the session I stopped wandering and instead my thoughts of doubt and curiosity was pushed to the side and I found quietness and was peaceful, at the same time I felt more active and physically less tired.

I have been doing healing sessions with Judy once a week for the last few months. Physically I am more active than ever. My self-esteem is stronger. And most of all, my willingness to do, try and change has increased tremendously. I look forward so much to my next session. It is like my energy re-charging time for me. Energy healing helped not just my physical body but also my mental body to be stronger and less stressful. Pranic Healing taught me the importance of energy and will power. Through Pranic Healing I am re-finding the BALANCE in my life.

I have introduced Pranic Healing to the people I care about, since I know what it has done and is doing for me. I wanted to share the benefits of Pranic Healing and hope that others can also experience and learn what I have.

Jin, Seoul, Korea