Want to radiate that beauty within?

Need some assistance with tightening the skin, removing negative emotions lodged in the skin, fat, muscles and tissues?

Need some help in losing some pounds or inches? Or need to look/be healthier?


Fall Schedule - OCT - DEC 2019

A 7-Session Workshop from Oct 1 to Dec 10 Tuesdays 7pm-9pm. In-person & online sessions available. 

Session 1 - Oct 1

Session 2 - Oct 22

Session 3 - Nov 5

Session 4 - Nov 19

Session 5 - Nov 26

Session 6 - Dec 3

Session 7 - Dec 10

A Beautiful Offering:

Holiday comfort food is around the corner. Thanksgiving, Halloween, Christmas, NYE….

The Prana Body Fit (PBF) Program is a healing program designed to help understand oneself in a deeper and loving way to bring more joy and a healthier way of life, physically, emotionally and mentally. Many have even lost pounds and inches (if that was their goal ^__^). But moreover it has brought an inner glow, inner beauty and inner transformation that really has been beautiful to witness and priceless.

Beautiful Offerings:

  • Lectures - Learning about food, energy, self and energetic tools to help improve wellbeing

  • Work”shop - Diving deeper into the self to see areas of strengths, patterns, past trauma, positive experiences to help translate and re-wire patterns

  • Exercise - Practicing and learning exercise techniques to help restore and tone the body.

  • Guided Healing - Facilitating healings of physical, emotional and mental areas that may have been blocking oneself for a healthier lifestyle.

  • Group Support - Bringing a circle of support for/from the group as it leverages exponential ways for self-growth.

We hope you can join in this beautiful journey of healing inside and out!

Please feel free to share this with anyone who may be interested. You do not have to be a Pranic Healer to join. In-person and online sessions are available. Please see below for schedule and price packages.

We also offer individual Pranic Body Sculpting & Pranic Face Lift sessions, if you purchase the Golden PBF Bundle. Pranic Body Sculpting and Pranic Face Lift helps increase vitality and healing into our skin, muscles and help remove stress and depression energies in the body. It is an amazing way to help shed pounds or inches. See below for pricing.

Judy Yi, Founder of Atlanta Pranic Healing Center, facilitates the group workshop. In the past, each PBF series has been such sacred space for healing, where people practice deeper honoring of self and others. Many have shed pounds and inches. Many have built strength and confidence. Many have experienced deeper connection to self and others. And most of all, many have shed negative emotions, stress, and deep-seeded patterns that hindered for great success and wellbeing.

A portion of the funds help support the center’s rent and other programs.


Special Prices

$200 - Regular Rate

$175 - For Prana Body Fit Members Only. (Must have attended at least one of the Prana Body Fit Series)

$40 - Per Session - Regular, Must Commit to All 7 Sessions

$35 – Per Session Auto Payments – Regular, Must Commit to All 7 Sessions

$399 - Golden PBF Bundle - PBF + 3 Pranic Body Sculpting (1hr) - BIGGEST SAVINGS!!!


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