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Meditation on Twin Hearts - Experience Meditation & Pranic Healing @Atlanta

  • Atlanta Pranic Healing Center 3125 Presidential Parkway Atlanta, GA, 30340 United States (map)
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Meditation on Twin Hearts - Weekly Meditation

Want to increase peace, gain more loving-kindness, improve relationships and finances, spiritually grow and/or balance your life? See meditation schedule.

Meditation on Twin Hearts helps reduce stress and increases peace and illumination. This 21-minute meditation is easy to follow and has great benefits for experienced and new meditators - physical health, emotional health, mental health, relationship and financial areas of our lives. The meditation opens up the heart (the emotional heart) and crown (the spiritual heart) energy centers enabling to draw down a great amount of divine energy producing prana (energy).  Meditation on Twin Hearts is an act of service and loving-kindness to promote peace in the world and has amazing benefits of accelerated soul growth for the meditator. If you are interested in bringing clarity and balance in life, please join us at our weekly meditations throughout the Metro Atlanta area.

In addition to the Meditation on Twin Hearts, experience a 10-minute Pranic Healing session for a great weekly “energetic tune-up.”

Thursdays 7pm - Atlanta - 3125 Presidential Pkwy, Suite 327, Atlanta, GA 30340