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Friday Series - Energetic Solutions to Energetic & Emotional Exhaustion

Have you been ever energetically or emotionally exhausted and did not know why or what to do about it? Come by January 30 at 7:30pm to learn some techniques to help you re-energize, gain clarity and be less negatively affected by inner and external obstacles.  

Message from Judy - 

I've been there... I felt like I was running on a near empty gas tank - physically, emotionally and mentally drained. Was it because I was ultra multi-tasking?! Or were people draining me? Or was I just draining myself? By understanding the world of subtle energies, it has helped me understand how to safeguard my energy body, to feel healthier and more energetic. I look forward to sharing some simple yet powerful tools that has helped me through the years. I can see the difference in my life because I don't hear "You look so tired~." much anymore. Yay!   

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Arhatic Yoga Practice - Cliff Valley