PranaKids - 

kids know prana too! 

We understand that parents want their kid(s) to grow up "good" - whatever that may mean for you. We also understand that many parents are seeking something "higher" for their children's development and learning.  At Atlanta Pranic Healing Center, we create space for kids to achieve their "highest" by building awareness and strong foundations to understand the world of subtle energies. The PranaKids program aims for kids to gain a proper knowledge and understanding about the universe, the world we co-habitate, the human aura, chakras and the laws that govern our life. This program helps kids to improve their health and energy; enhance good self-esteem and respect; increase creativity and brain power; and spiritual growth. We look forward in meeting you and your family. Join the path of educational empowerment for the next generation! 

Save the Dates - June 8-12 (8:30 am - noon) 

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Friday Series -

join us to go deeper into finding energetic solutions and understanding higher truths...

The Friday Series was developed based upon the requests of our clients, colleagues and community members. The series is aimed to help the various dimensions of the individual and/or family’s wellbeing. Part 1 focuses on family, prosperity, emotional wellness and relationships. Part 2 is geared toward those who want to learn the deeper meanings of powerful mantras and prayers. Just reciting it alone is powerful. Reciting it with understanding the meaning behind them will take you to a higher level.  Learn More.

Feeding Program - 

Friends in Need, Support our Atlantan Friends

The Atlanta Pranic Healing Center is a partner of the Friends in Need Foundation, Inc., a non-profit charitable organization with a purpose of helping the less fortunate by providing food, clothing, and living necessities, as well as working with other organizations dedicated to ending or minimizing hunger and hardship. We gather regularly to volunteer our time to local soup kitchens and shelters who are in need. We would love your support and if you would like to volunteer with us, please contact us at 

Membership Program - 

An affordable way to health

APHC created a Membership Program so more people can afford, enjoy and experience Pranic Healing on a regular basis.  The funds from the Membership Program will help build and sustain other programs for the community such as PranaKids, Feeding Programs and various workshops to make it more wallet-friendly. 

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