Family Meditation


Sundays  Jan. 28 & Feb. 25

10:30 AM - 11:30 AM

Children and adults are welcome. Let's meditate together! 

Fun ways to engage your child(ren) to bless the earth, learn about the energy world and meeting new friends.
Bring love and peace to yourself, your family and the world we live in.

Fun exercises, meditation and Pranic Healing for all sizes. 

"Meditation to Bless the Earth" is an adaptation of the Meditation on Twin Hearts. It is a short guided-meditation great for children and family. Fun & Easy to follow!

This meditation is mainly for children ages 5 - 9 years however it is fine for older kids and adults to participate.

Free event.
Love donations are accepted.
Location: 1955 Cliff Valley Way NE Suite 215 Atlanta, GA

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Esoteric Book Study - 2017 Schedule

For the past few years, we have been hosting the Esoteric Book Study - diving into Alice Bailey and Master Choa Kok Sui/Pranic Healing books. The group keeps growing and growing, diving deeper and deeper into esoteric teachings for real life applications. It's not just knowledge for knowledge... but with this knowledge comes understanding which then comes wisdom - how can I be happier and a better me...

Join this wonderful group. We read. We talk. We dive. We eat. We laugh. We connect. And Connect. Curious about this Esoteric Book Study? Feel free to contact me with any questions: or 470-333-APHC (2742). 


Esoteric Book Study Year Long Package Deal

Early Bird by 12/31/16 - $465  |  Regular by 1/10/16 - $535   |   Day of 1/13/17- $575

Or Register by Semester


Yearlong Package Deal - Esoteric Book Study
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Semester - Esoteric Book Study
from 150.00
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Esoteric versus Exoteric.  Exoteric teachings focus on the external teachings, the traditions, what we see, feel and sense. Esoteric teachings focus on the inner teachings, the hidden meanings and beyond the physical material sense.  This book study can be eye-opening to help understand the traditions, ideology, religion, spirituality and our path in collecting experiences for us to grow and raise our consciousness. By understanding energy, inner teachings and the energetic science of the world, we may experience the world differently. Please join this adventure of learning, sharing, experiencing and connecting.

Pranic Psychotherapy Review Session

Feeling rusty with your Pranic Psychotherapy skills? Do you want to feel more confident in doing the protocols involved in Pranic Psychotherapy? Still having trouble with what/how to scan the various parts of the energy system? Want to fine tune your skills and become a more proficient, efficient and powerful healer? Want to get a tune-up healing? 

If you said yes to any of the above, it's time for you to review the Pranic Psychotherapy techniques with us. RSVP today! 

  • What: Review Pranic Psychotherapy Healing Techniques
  • When: SAT, NOV 12 from 6:30pm to 9:30pm
  • Where: 1955 Cliff Valley Way, Suite 215, Atlanta, GA 30329
  • Cost: $30 Early bird by Oct 26. Regular Price $35. At the Door $40
  • Online: Available, details once registered.Via Google Hangout. Make sure to download plugins. 

Make Payment:

Pranic Psychotherapy
from 30.00
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Or  send check to 1955 Cliff Valley Way, Suite 215, Atlanta, GA 30329. Make payable to: Atlanta Pranic Healing Center 

Master Choa Kok Sui says if you want to become a very good healer, we must practice, practice, practice. Come practice with us! 

Prerequisite: Pranic Psychotherapy, L3

Gemini Full Moon Meditation - World Invocation Day

Following the Wesak Festival comes the third most powerful full moon of the year, the Christ Festival or World Invocation Day.

In this powerful Full Moon, the massive amounts of divine energies that were generated during the Wesak Full Moon last month will now be purposefully distributed to the hearts, minds and wills of all world servers.

In the Buddhist tradition, this is called the Buddha Purnima. As we participate in this powerful meditation, we come to together with all spiritual practitioners, light workers and spiritual aspirants to help bring down more spiritual energy and distribute it to the entire world!

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Pranic Crystal Healing & Psychic Self-Defense

Master Marilag is coming to Atlanta April 1-3 to teach Pranic Crystal Healing & Psychic Self-Defense. We are excited to have Master Marilag come teach these classes in Atlanta. It has been many years since she has taught here. Please take advantage. Email us at for more info. Click here for registration and flyer.

MCKS Pranic Crystal Healing: April 1 & 2
MCKS Pranic Psychic Self-Defense: April 3

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Weekend EXTRAVAGANZA - Healing & Pranic Healer Review

Open to the Public: 

  • Relationship Healing (Saturday, Oct. 17 6:30pm - 8:30pm)
  • Group Pranic Crystal Healing (Sunday, Oct. 18 1:30pm - 2:30pm)

Open to Pranic Healers to graduates of the classes:

Saturday Review sessions: 

  • Advanced PH 9am
  • Pranic Psychotherapy 11am
  • Scanning Clinic (Open to all Pranic Healers) 2pm
  • Psychic Self-Defense 5pm

Sunday Review sessions: 

  • Arhatic Prep 8am
  • Pranic Crystal Healing 10am

RSVP required: Email or Call/Text 470-333-APHC (2742)

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Group Pranic Crystal Healing

Group Pranic Crystal Healing - SAT, SEPT 12 at 11am

SAT, SAT @11am - Take advantage of this group rate & opportunity to utilize the group energy. Revitalize your physical, emotional and psychological state with deep healing with Pranic Crystal Healing. 

Crystals are powerful instruments to help energy healing. There is exponential acceleration of healing that takes place with MCKS Pranic Crystal Healing technology. 


$45/Session per person

Energetic Approach to Relationship Healing

Relationship Healing.
Teachings on Forgiveness & Tools for Emotional Freedom.

If you have relationships that you want to heal, come join us this Friday. Priceless tools to help forgive, move on, let go and to help you free yourself from the emotions binding you to your pain. If you have a hard time forgiving then this is a night that you won't want to miss.

Experience peace, forgiveness and compassion through a guided-meditation and group healing.

$15 per person.

Location: 1955 Cliff Valley Way, Suite 215, Atlanta, GA 30329